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pakerson boutique

italy - 2011

The new Pakerson Boutique opened in September 2011, in Via della Spiga in Milan.
The store, located at the corner of Via Manzoni, is placed over two floors, ground and first floor. It applies the concept already studied for Pakerson in 2007 and applied to all the following shops, but revisited and adapted to the important location.
The project has a target of lightness, and thin glass thicknesses has been choose, and the exposure design to be almost suspended though made intense and consistent by the use of traditional materials such as stone, burnished brass, rosewood and polished glass. Extra-clear glass, bronze glass and back brown lacquered glass make up the decor of the shop.
The idea is a tempting and cozy whole, elegant and precious, proposing at the same time sobriety and shine.
The store should give an idea of the tradition and the experience of Pakerson company, but also communicate the innovation and modernity of the product. The display system is based on the assembly of several displays in different material and size, but belonging to a homogeneous formal design.

co-designer Franco Ancillotti