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apartment in florence

italy - 2009/2013

This apartment is located in Porta Romana, Florence. It belongs to two professors and their books.
The apartment is on one floor and with a very complex interior structure. The main goal of the interior design this time was, in a provided space, creating a place which is able to contain a sufficient number of bookcases for about 6000 volumes of books, including new and old. We also had to prepare well for an increasing number of books.
The aim was to settle these needs, but at the same time, leaving enough space for the home activities as well as designing a comfortable and bright setting.
We proposed to allocate a large bookcase as a library in the living room, also a long bench with container below. This large bookcase occupies the entire wall. Another great library was placed in the hallway of the studio, where books cover the whole surface of the wall, too.
Bookcases and all the pieces of furniture were designed under a goal of elegance. However, the priority was that the new pieces of furniture must coexist in harmony with the antiques, paintings and prints which the customers own, even though they have a contemporary and current design.
The apartment was also decorated with a wide range of styles, rich stimuli and in a welcoming environment.

Davide Virdis