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lighthouse sea hotel

italy - 2016

One of the main objectives of this project is to insert in the landscape some new elements which are of a very contemporary style without disturbing the unity. This landscape hotel is designed to integrate with its surrounding.
This project has the intent to create various points so as to make it possible to go around the area appreciating it. The volumes allow the spaces to be arranged to increase the relationship with the landscape. Leisure and entertainment are an essential part of the project, explains the importance given to spaces for outdoor activities.
The idea is to create, in this incredible landscape, some entertainment opportunities: landscape hotel, restaurant (in the lighthouse), swimming pool , fitness centre, conference halls ( exhibition rooms ), information point and new wooden platforms to allow bathing.
The new building must be integrate in place. Walkways and wooden platform are as suspended.
The hotel roof is a scenic walk. The equipped walk is partly made up of green roof (as the ground subtracted from the hotel). There are benches, water, sun, glass pool (sea view).
The hotel is fully protected by solar shading devices. The solar shading devices is a crossing made of a variety of materials, which takes inspiration from the mediterranean flora.
Panoramic promenade- the roof of the hotel provided the opportunity to enjoy the spectacular landscape. Walkway- three central passageway run along the mediterranean scrub and rocks. These are in fact elevated wooden walkways over the vegetation. The landscape inspired the design of this elevated walkways, which seem to be floating over the landscape. The wooden platform originates from the same idea.
Wooden platform - this part of the design project suggests a mediation between the sea and the cliff through the wooden platform itself. The wooden platform firstly located in a strategic point in the bay serves several functions: it create an artificial reef, necessary to create new beaches, secondly a setting for recreational activities. We have chosen wood since it’s a very resistant material and comfortable used in the naval architecture.

Antonella Valeriano, Benedetta Malavolti